Welcome to the Post War Cards projects hub! This is where I share my longer-term projects and larger documentation efforts that go beyond the scope of a single article or newsletter. Here, you’ll find in-depth explorations of different topics related to post-war cards and updates on my ongoing research.

  • 1952 Topps Baseball Type Photos and Crossovers – The ultimate destination for the original photographs used for the 1952 set. And, because many of the photos used for the 1952 Topps set were used for other sets, I figured I’d add in-era cross over cards too.
  • Checklist Central – A comprehensive resource for anyone looking to learn more about vintage sports card checklists.
  • Unopened Archive – The epicenter of unopened vintage sports (and non-sport) card product photos.
  • Oddball Archive – This is where I research and document non-mainstream sets (like regional card releases, food issues, retail issues, etc.).