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PostWarCards Editor’s Notes (January 2021)

From time to time, I’ll be releasing Editor’s notes in a 1-2-3 format:

  • 1 update to an article or hobby news item
  • 2 recent pickups for my own collection
  • 3 cool tweets from collectors you should check out

Update: 1982 Fleer Test Without Blank Backs?

I wrote an article in December outlining the history of the 1982 Fleer Test cards. The common belief is that they are blank-backed. However, a collector reached out to me with a Cal Ripken card that has Test Card printed on the front but has a white and blue back. Perhaps there was a 2nd run of test sheets with back. He bought the card at a show in the 1980s, but PSA will not authenticate it.

1982 Fleer Test Cal Ripken Front
1982 Fleer Test Ripken White and Blue Back

There is also a Rickey Henderson test card with a white and blue back. It seems unlikely someone would counterfeit a card in the mid-80s that was largely unknown then and still obscure now. Has anyone seen another 1982 Fleer Test card with a white and blue back?

1982 Fleer Test Rickey Henderson White and Blue Back and 1982 Fleer Rickey Henderson Regular Back

Two Recent Pickups

I have found myself collecting a bit more pre-war lately. Prices are up, but it appears not as grossly compared to post-war. Particularly in these “2nd Tier” pre-war cards. “1st Tier” being players like Babe Ruth or Ty Cobb.

1926 W512 Rogers Hornsby Cardinals
1911 T201 Mecca Johnson/Street

3 Cool Tweets

1) George Benett 

Carpet o’ Cards: First series (#1-132) of the 1971 Topps set. Realizing these black-bordered beauties are now half a century old.

Carpet o’ Cards

2) Cards with a Story

Today’s mail day also brought me an absolute grail card. One of the greatest baseball cards ever made, a 1953 Topps card of baseball legend Satchel Paige

Cards With a Story

3) Vintage Cards Only

In my mind, in 1953 some kid took this card, ran a staple through it and put it on prominent display is his most high place of honor. I love that kid. That’s the America I love! ‘53 Topps

Vintage Cards Only

Happy New Year, and I hope you continue to enjoy this great hobby of ours. If you aren’t already, check out PostWarCards on Twitter.

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