Discover Your Love For Vintage Sports Card Checklists: Checklist Central Is Here

I launched the 1952 Topps Baseball Type Photos and Crossovers project the other week. Well, I have another long-term documentation effort to share today; Checklist Central! A comprehensive resource dedicated to providing collectors with all the information they need to dive deeper into the world of vintage sports card checklists.

Checklist Central is divided into four main sections. The Checklist Era Series are my in-depth articles that categorize checklist groups or eras. I share pictures in the Checklist Variation Guide to help collectors distinguish the differences between checklist variations. The Checklist Articles section lists my deeper dives into particular checklist topics. Finally, ChecklistGuy is my social media presence (Twitter and Instagram), where I share daily insights about vintage (and sometimes modern) checklist cards. 

Hey, I get it, there aren’t a lot of collectors who focus on checklists, but I’m out to change that or at least help out when set collectors have questions about them! 

So check out Checklist Central and start exploring the world of vintage sports card checklists.

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