Classic Images of Unopened Sports Cards

There are a few classic images that get shared around the hobby a lot. I thought it would be cool to consolidate a few of them in one place and share a bit about their backgrounds.

1952 Topps Baseball Woolworth’s Display

This photo is from the Woolworths in the Bronx, on Fordham Road, displaying a ton of amazing 1952 Topps Baseball product. At least 90-100 boxes are shown, and packs are well over $10k each today.

1952 Topps Baseball Woolworth Display

A few years ago, a collector colorized the image too.

1952 Topps Baseball Woolworth Display Colored

1953 Topps Baseball Display

Another famous unopened picture is of 1953 Topps 3rd Series packs for sale. Like the 52 Topps display, a collector added some color to this classic shot as well.

1953 Topps Baseball for Sale
1953 Topps Baseball For Sale Colored

1974 Topps Annual Report Pictures

The classic image of the lady on a production line looking at a camera while packing 1974 Topps Wax boxes was shared in Topps’ annual report that year. 

1974 Topps Baseball Production Line

Likewise, Topps presented this photo of a mother and her son, some 1974 Topps Wax boxes, and a lot of candy (likely staged) in the annual report too.

1974 Topps Baseball and Candy For Sale

1952 Topps Baseball Unopened Sale

I think these 1952 Topps 8-Pack Cellos were bought by Mark Murphy (the Baseball Card kid) from this lady years ago in the Seattle area. 

Owner of the 1952 Topps Baseball 8-Pack Cellos
1952 Topps Baseball Packs

A brick of 1952 Topps was up for sale by the Baseball Card Exchange at the 2019 National in Chicago for $575k.

1952 Topps Baseball for Sale at 2019 National

Topps Hidden Treasures

Topps published a video called “The Hidden Treasure” back in December of 2020 from their archives. Here are a few screen captures of 1966 and 1967 Topps cards on the assembly line and in kids’ hands.

Topps Wrappers
1967 Topps High Number Pack
1966 Topps Packs on the Assembly Line
1967 Topps Baseball Cases

Mr. Mint’s Famous 1952 Topps Find

I haven’t seen any photos from Alan Rosen’s now-famous find of vintage unopened product. But you can read about it here

1952 Topps Baseball Case

1986 Fleer Basketball Case

A modern-day classic is the 1986 Fleer Basketball sealed case which sold for $1.8M in August of 2020 at Collect Auctions. It was described as the Holy Grail of modern unopened cards and might be the only sealed case in existence. In 40 years, we may be looking back at this picture as a hobby classic too.

1986 Fleer Basketball Sealed Case

If you have any other classic hobby unopened product images to share, please contact me.

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