Bob Cousy Basketball Shoe Advertisement

This would be an awesome collectible for Boston Celtics fans, a B.F. Goodrich Bob Cousy “P.F.” Basketball Shoe Advertisement. 

The “P.F.” All-American was B.F. Goodrich Company’s shoe made to compete with Converse’s “Chuck Taylor.” I’m sure having Cousy endorse the product helped; he was one of the most popular players in the 1950s. 

The item was available in MastroWest Auction’s March 2000 catalog and was described as a 22″ x 20″ cardboard piece in Ex-Mt to Nr-Mt condition.

1950 Bowman Football Uncut Sheet

This 36-card uncut production sheet of 1950 Bowman football cards is a legitimate work of art. I definitely need to pick up an early Bowman-era sheet to display in the Hobby Library.

It consists of cards 109 through 124. Card 144 in the bottom right corner is missing a piece, and there is also a stain, mostly evident from the back, which affects four cards.

Lelands sold the following pair of 36-card uncut sheets in December 2001 for $1491; one is the same but without the missing piece.

1972 Topps Candy Lid Test Issue Uncut Proof Sheet

The Spring 1982 issue of Baseball Cards has a great article by Bill Bossert called Uncut Sheets Tell the Untold Story. He shares this incredible proof sheet for Topps’ 1972 Candy Lids test issue in it.

Here’s what he wrote about the set and sheet:

I hope that sheet wasn’t cut up. However, I did find this 1972 Topps Candy Lid Test Proof Willie Mays card that was sold by SCP Auctions for $622 on January 29, 2008.

You can see that Topps printed the Mays card on previously used stock, and there are a few other proof’s out there.

Signed 1953 American Card Catalog

The American Card Catalog is a foundational piece of the hobby. It was the first major attempt to categorize all known American card issues under a common numbering systems. So older American Card Catalogs are highly collectible, but this 1953 copy is special because both Jefferson Burdick and Charles Bray signed it. 

Here are some later reprints from the hobby library (1960, 1967, and 1988).

New York’s Biggest One Day Show and Bobby Richardson’s 1965 Topps Card

Here’s a card show history throwback to January 1982 when “New York’s Biggest And Best One Day Show” was held at JFK’s Travelodge International Hotel with guest star Bobby Richardson!

The pictured 1965 Topps #115 Bobby Richardson is an oft-graded card with PSA having slabbed over 450. However, there isn’t a single Gem Mint 10.

By the way, did you know Richardson is the only player to win the World Series MVP award for the losing team?