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Announcing the Launch of the Oddball Archive

I’ve quietly built another new resource here on PostWarCards to go with all the Blog Articles and the Unopened Archive. And while I’ve shared a bit of its content over on Twitter, now that there are well over a dozen sets listed, I wanted to announce the Unopened Archive officially.

Over the past nearly two years of blogging, I’ve shared a lot of articles about vintage oddball cards; here are a few of them:

If you aren’t aware, “oddball” is a catch-all name for regional card releases, food issues, retail issues, and other test/team/premium/micro card releases, inserts, and sets. Anything that isn’t part of a mainstream set is an oddball.

Oddballs are some of the most innovative and exciting sets in the post-war sports card market, and this archive is my way of sharing information about as many of them as possible.

Let me know in the comments if you’d like me to feature any sets, and join me in learning more about post-war oddball sports cards on the Oddball Archive.

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