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4 Post-War Alt-Sport Gems

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about the sports cards I would buy if I had a million dollars. In it, I laid out a dream list of post-war, high-grade, major-sports cards I have lusted over for years. All the while, hobby conversations have been booming on Twitter. So I asked CardTwit a question; if you could have any vintage sports card outside the major four sports (hockey, baseball, football, basketball), what would it be?

Here are a few alt-sport card gems that I, the Twitterverse, and you may be interested in too.

1982 Wrestling #2 Hulk Hogan All-Stars Series A

1982 Wrestling #2 Hulk Hogan All Stars – Series A

Series A of the 1982 Wrestling set has 36 cards, and it’s believed only 2000 sets were made. Mid-grade variants sell for between $2-3k and recently, a signed PSA 9 sold for nearly $37k.

1958 – 59 Tupinamba Ltda. #109 Pele Colecau Quigol

1958-59 Tupinamba Ltda. #109 Pele Colecau Quigol

Soccer is the most popular sport globally, and Pele cards have been booming the past few years. This Pele card in PSA 1 is a >$5k card with mid-grades selling for over $10k.

2001 SP Authentic Golf #45 Tiger Woods Autograph Gold

2001 SP Authentic #45 Tiger Woods Autograph Gold

The last two PSA 10s have sold for $35k and $25k, and they are numbered to 100.

1948 Leaf Boxing #50 Rocky Graziano

1948 Leaf #50 Rocky Graziano

The 1948 Leaf Graziano is the greatest boxing rarity, described as the T206 Honus Wagner of boxing cards. Jack Dempsey and Joe Louis also have cards in this set, but the key card is the Graziano. PSA only shows five sales since 2010, with none selling for less than $40k, which makes sense when you consider only six have been graded.

What alternative-sport cards do you collect? Let me know down in the comments or over on Twitter.

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