1989 Converse Basketball Card Set and Checklist

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Year: 1989

Title: Converse

Size: 2-1/2″ by 3-1/2″

Number in Set: 13-17


The 1989 Converse basketball set was officially licensed by the NBA and was produced by Sports Marketing Inc in Redmond, WA. Apparently, 50k sets were made, which included 13 players who endorsed Converse shoes. The original intention was for the cards to be distributed at youth basketball clinics; however, cards remained and were distributed in other ways throughout the hobby.

1989 Converse Basketball Set – Front
1989 Converse Basketball Set – Reverse

When first released, the set included a “free” video card. For $3.95 shipping and handling, fans could get a copy of Converse Basketball tips that featured Julius Erving, Kevin McHale, and Dale Brown.

Converse Basketball Tips – VHS

You will see different checklist sizes listed in various publications for this set. I recently ran across an uncut sheet for sale on eBay that has 16 different cards on it; 13 player cards, two checklists, and the video offer.

1989 Converse Basketball Uncut Sheet – Front
1989 Converse Basketball Uncut Sheet – Reverse

However, the uncut sheet shows a blank title card, but others on the market say “1989 ALL PRO TEAM” without the video offer on them, indicating a production shift occurred at some point. So, a master set of 1989 Converse requires 17 cards, but most collectors will stick with the 13 player cards for a complete set.

1989 Converse Basketball Title Card

The front of the player cards features a color-action player photo against a white background. “CONVERSE OFFICIAL SHOE OF THE NBA” and the NBA logo are printed along the top of the card, and the player’s name and number are printed below the photo. The back of each card has basic player vitals, a short biography, and career highlights, along with a tip from the player with an anti-drug or alcohol message.

Mark Aguirre’s name is misspelled as Aquirre on the checklist cards.


1989 Converse Magic Johnson – Front
1989 Converse Magic Johnson – Reverse

Key Cards

Larry Bird and Magic Johnson are the set’s two key cards.


Mark Aguirre

Larry Bird

Rolando Blackman

Muggsy Bogues

Rex Chapman

Magic Johnson

Bernard King

Bill Laimbeer

Karl Malone

Kevin McHale

Mark Price

Jack Sikma

Reggie Theus

Title Card Checklist

Title Card Checklist (Free Video)

Free Video Offer