1988 Jiffy Pop Discs Baseball Card Set and Checklist

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Year: 1988

Title: Jiffy Pop Discs

Size: 2-1/2″ in diameter

Number in Set: 20


Jiffy Pop Popcorn issued their third set of 20 discs, highlighting popular players, in partnership with MSA and the MLBPA. Each package of popcorn had a single disc.

The discs have a semigloss finish and show full-color closeup photographs of the players (with team logos airbrushed off the player’s baseball caps). The borders are light blue and have a curved label along the side with the words “3rd Annual Collector’s Edition.” The fronts also have the Jiffy Pop brand printed along the top, the MLBPA logo, and the players’ name, position, and team.

Jiffy Pop numbered the cards by the player’s last name. A bit of statistical information is presented on the back as well.

An uncut sheet with all 20 discs was available via mail-in redemption, and they sell for under $5 these days.

1988 Jiffy Pop Discs Uncut Sheet

Collectors can also find a few proofs floating around the hobby


1988 Jiffy Pop Discs #6 Roger Clemens – Front
1988 Jiffy Pop Discs #6 Roger Clemens – Reverse

Key Cards

Roger Clemens is the set’s key card


1 Buddy Bell

2 Wade Boggs

3 Gary Carter

4 Jack Clark

5 Will Clark

6 Roger Clemens

7 Vince Coleman

8 Andre Dawson

9 Keith Hernandez

10 Kent Hrbek

11 Wally Joyner

12 Paul Molitor

13 Eddie Murray

14 Tim Raines

15 Bret Saberhagen

16 Alan Trammell

17 Ozzie Virgil

18 Tim Wallach

19 Dave Winfield

20 Robin Yount