1984 New Jersey Nets Getty Oil Basketball Card Set and Checklist

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Year: 1984

Title: Nets Getty or New Jersey Nets Getty Oil

Size: 3 5/8” by 6 3/4”

Number in Set: 12


Getty Oil produced this 12-card set for their gas stations, where customers could pick up sheets of three cards once per week. The sheets are approximately 8” by 11”, and while not perforated, the backs show black broken lines for a cutting guide.

The front of an individual card is a color action shot with a facsimile autograph. The player’s name is in black block lettering above the picture. The back of each card features typical player vitals and biographies with the New Jersey Nets and Getty Logos along the bottom. The series isn’t numbered, though some checklists will list the cards by player number.

On the front of a complete sheet, beneath the photos, are the New Jersey Nets logo, the words “NEW JERSEY NETS PLAYER PHOTO SERIES” and the Getty Logo with the words “PRODUCED BY” above it.

Despite being pretty tough to find, sheets only sell for a few bucks.


Here are the fronts and backs of three of the four sheets. If anyone has the fourth, please reach out to me.

1984 Nets Getty Sheet 1 – Front
1984 Nets Getty Sheet 1 – Reverse
1984 Nets Getty Sheet 2 – Front
1984 Nets Getty Sheet 2 – Reverse
1984 Nets Getty Sheet 3 – Front
1984 Nets Getty Sheet 3 – Reverse

Key Cards

The key cards belong to Darryl Dawkins and Buck Williams


Stan Albeck

Otis Birdsong

Darwin Cook

Darryl Dawkins

Mike Gminski

Albert King

Mike O’Koren

Kelvin Ransey

Michael Ray Richardson

Jeff Turner

Buck Williams

Duncan (Mascot)