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1982 Red Lobster Chicago Cubs Baseball Card Set and Checklist

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Year: 1982

Title: Red Lobster Chicago Cubs

Size: 2 1/4″ by 3 1/2″

Number in Set: 28


The Chicago Cubs and Red Lobster co-produced around 15k of these sets, which they used as a promotional giveaway on August 20, 1982, at Wrigley Field.

I’ve seen two dealers sell sealed sets that look like the example below.

1982 Red Lobster Chicago Cubs Sealed Set – Top
1982 Red Lobster Chicago Cubs Sealed Set – Bottom

The cards feature action shot photographs of the 25 players, plus manager Lee Elia with umpires and an opposing coach from the Cincinnati Reds (presumably exchanging lineups before the game), a posed photo of the coaching staff, and a team picture. The cards all have facsimile autographs on the front (other than the team card), along with the player’s number, name, and position.

The back of the cards have player statistics and a Red Lobster ad. The cards are unnumbered, though some collectors sequence the set by uniform number.


1982 Red Lobster Chicago Cubs Ryne Sandberg – Front
1982 Red Lobster Chicago Cubs Ryne Sandberg – Reverse

Key Cards

The Ryne Sandberg is the most expensive card by a wide margin. This is considered his first Major League card and came out before the Donruss, Fleer, and Topps RCs.


Doug Bird

Larry Bowa

Bill Buckner

Bill Campbell

Jody Davis

Leon Durham

Lee Elia

Steve Henderson

Willie Hernandez

Fergie Jenkins

Jay Johnstone

Junior Kennedy

Ken Kravec

Randy Martz

Bob Molinaro

Jerry Morales

Keith Moreland

Dickie Noles

Mike Proly

Al Ripley

Ryne Sandberg

Lee Smith

Scot Thompson

Dick Tidrow

Bump Wills

Gary Woods

Coaching Staff

Team Picture