1979 Quaker Oats Iron-Ons Basketball Card Set and Checklist

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1979 Quaker Oats Iron-Ons Specs

Year: 1979

Title: Quaker Iron-Ons

Size: 4-3/8″ x 6-1/8”

Number in Set: 10

1979 Quaker Oats Iron-Ons Overview

Very little about this set of 10 NBA Hall of Famers has been written. Many catalogs say that the NBA sponsored the 1979 Quaker Oats Iron-Ons, but the lack of team logos or names says that’s not entirely accurate; the front of the cards show the NBA Player’s Association logo, which would have precluded using either.

The front of each iron-on card features a head-and-shoulders player photo in the middle with their name above and team city below, along with the Quaker logo. Along the bottom are directions for the iron-on. The dimensions are sometimes listed as 4-1/4” x 6″, probably because of manufacturing inconsistencies.

Many earlier catalogs only listed eight cards in the set and excluded Doug Collins and Pete Maravich, though I’ve heard Thompson and Gervin were the short prints. However, details on the set’s printing and distribution are limited. PSA has only graded 72 of these cards (many probably ended up on shirts), mainly in the 3/4/5 range, including 16 copies of each of the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Pete Maravich iron-ons. Erving has eight PSA-graded examples.

1979 Quaker Oats Iron-Ons George Gervin

1979 Quaker Oats Iron-Ons Significant Sales

The following Erving Iron-On is available on eBay now (16 August 2023) for $75, but very few public sales exist from this set.

1979 Quaker Oats Iron-Ons Julius Erving
  • 1971 Quaker Iron-Ons Kareem Abdul-Jabbar PSA 4: $54 in March 2021
  • 1971 Quaker Iron-Ons Pete Maravich PSA 1: $33.33 in May 2020
  • 1971 Quaker Iron-Ons Kareem Abdul-Jabbar PSA 3: $75 in February 2017

A collector shared this photo in July 2021 on Facebook, looking to buy and trade for other 1979 Iron-Ons.

1979 Quaker Oats Iron-Ons PSA Lot

Later that month, the same collector offered this complete set for sale at $5k or best offer.

1979 Quaker Oats Iron-Ons Set

1979 Quaker Oats Iron-Ons Example

1979 Quaker Oats Iron-Ons Pete Maravich

1979 Quaker Oats Iron-Ons Key Card

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is the set’s key card.

1979 Quaker Oats Iron-Ons Checklist

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Rick Barry

Doug Collins

Julius Erving

George Gervin

Maurice Lucas

Pete Maravich

David Thompson

Paul Westphal