1979 Chicago Bulls Police Basketball Card Set and Checklist

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Year: 1979

Title: Chicago Bulls Police

Size: 2-5/8’’ x 4-1/8″

Number in Set: 16


The 16-card, slightly odd-sized Bulls Police set showcases a player photo on the front within a white border along with a facsimile autograph. Beneath the photo are the player’s number, name, and vitals.

“Kiwanis Cue Cards” is printed along the top of the back in blue ink. Then there is a basketball and safety tip (in black ink) inside a blue border, followed by the logos of La Margarita Resaurantes Mexicanos, the NBA, and Azteca Tortillas. Beneath those logos are those of the Kiwanis Club. Under the border, it says the cards were “Courtesy of your local Illinois-Eastern Iowa Kiwanis Club and Police Department.”

The set can also be found with rounded or square corners making a master set 32 cards in size.


1979 Chicago Bulls Police Reggie Theus

Key Cards

The set is tough to complete because Reggie Theus and Coby Dietrick are considered short prints, so they are the set’s key cards.


Delmer Beshore

Dwight Jones

John Mengelt

Scott May

Dennis Awtrey

Reggie Theus

Coby Dietrick

Ollie Johnson

Sam Smith

David Greenwood

Ricky Sobers

Artis Gilmore

Mark Landsberger

Jerry Sloan

Phil Johnson