1978 Papa Gino’s Discs Baseball Card Set and Checklist

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Year: 1978

Title: Papa Gino’s

Size: 3-3/8 inches in diameter. 

Number in Set: 40


A regional promotion, Papa Gino’s released these discs with the purchase of a soft drink. 25 of the 40 cards are Red Sox players since the restaurants were primarily in the Boston area.

A blue border surrounds the player portraits with the player’s name and team above and below the photo. The backs have usual player information and a short advertisement for Papa Ginos at the bottom.

MSA had to airbrush team logos out of the player images since they had a deal to print regional oddballs with the players union and not Major League Baseball.


1978 Papa Gino’s Discs #36 George Brett – Front
1978 Papa Gino’s Discs #36 George Brett – Reverse

Key Cards

The key discs are George Brett, Reggie Jackson, and Carl Yastrzemski.


1 Allen Ripley

2 Jerry Remy

3 Jack Brohamer

4 Butch Hobson

5 Dennis Eckersley

6 Sam Bowen

7 Rick Burleson

8 Carl Yastrzemski

9 Bill Lee

10 Bob Montgomery

11 Dick Drago

12 Bob Stanley

13 Fred Kendall

14 Jim Rice

15 George Scott

16 Tom Burgmeier

17 Frank Duffy

18 Jim Wright

19 Fred Lynn

20 Bob Bailey

21 Mike Torrez

22 Bill Campbell

23 Luis Tiant

24 Dwight Evans

25 Carlton Fisk

26 Reggie Jackson

27 Thurman Munson

28 Ron Guidry

29 Bruce Bochte

30 Richie Zisk

31 Jim Palmer

32 Mark Fidrych

33 Frank Tanana

34 Buddy Bell

35 Rod Carew

36 George Brett

37 Ralph Garr

38 Larry Hisle

39 Mitchell Page

40 John Mayberry