1978 Big T/Tastee Freez Baseball Discs Set and Checklist

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Year: 1978

Title: Big T/Tastee Freeze Discs

Size: 3 3/8 inches in diameter. 

Number in Set: 26


Big T Family restaurants and Tastee-Freez partnered with the Major League Baseball Players Association and Michael Schecter and Associates (MSA) on this series of baseball discs in 1978. One player from each team was included and given out at participating restaurants. As an MLBPA release, team logos were removed from the player’s caps.

The design on the front features a sepia-toned player headshot inside a white baseball diamond with a colorful border. Each disc has four red stars at the top. Some basic player info (name, team, height, weight, birth date, and birthplace) is printed on the front too.

The backs are printed in red, white, and blue, highlighting the Big T Family Restaurant and Tastee-Freez logos. Beneath the sponsor logos are a “card” number and a single 1977 statistic (batting average or win/loss record) for the player.

PSA has graded 688 total discs as of February 12, 2023. Complete raw sets can be found for between $30 and $50.

Also, my 2010 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards says the discs were distributed in “…North Carolina, and possibly other parts of the country.” But I haven’t been able to verify this statement.


1978 Big T/Tastee Freez Discs – Thurman Munson

Key Cards

The key discs are George Brett, Tom Seaver, and Carl Yastrzemski.


1 Buddy Bell

2 Jim Palmer

3 Steve Garvey

4 Jeff Burroughs

5 Greg Luzinski

6 Lou Brock

7 Thurman Munson

8 Rod Carew

9 George Brett

10 Tom Seaver

11 Willie Stargell

12 Jerry Koosman

13 Bill North

14 Richie Zisk

15 Bill Madlock

16 Carl Yastrzemski

17 Dave Cash

18 Bob Watson

19 Dave Kingman

20 Gene Tenace

21 Ralph Garr

22 Mark Fidrych

23 Frank Tanana

24 Larry Hisle

25 Bruce Bochte

26 Bob Bailor