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1975 Topps Baseball Rack Pack Card Placement

1975 Topps Baseball cards are an incredibly popular product. The set has both the George Brett and Robin Yount rookie cards and a slew of other Hall-of-Famers. Additionally, there is still a lot of unopened product from this set on the market. However, with rising prices, the vintage sports card market is attracting more forgers and bad actors. People believe, though, that resealing has been happing since at least the early 1980s. Joe Orlando, the CEO of Collectors Universe, always says, “Never Get Cheated,” that means educating yourself. In this article, I’m going to talk about card placement in 1975 Topps Rack Packs.

1975 Topps Rack Card Placement

First, both 1975 Topps and 1975 Topps Mini rack packs follow the same sequencing.  

All cards on a 1975 Topps Baseball Uncut Sheet have a single asterisk (*) or double asterisk (**) on the bottom of each card, on the back, next to the copyright.

Each cell away from the header (the Red insert on the far right that says “trading cards, 42 cards only 49 cents”) has cards from the same corresponding sheets on the top and bottom. They are consistent across the first, middle, and far cells. There shouldn’t be cards from mixed sheets in the same cell; single asterisk card on top, single asterisk card on the bottom, for example.

1975 Topps Baseball Rack Pack (Header on Right)

The first two sections (first and middle) have cards that have a single asterisk, and the far section (furthest from the header) has cards with two asterisks.

1975 Topps Baseball Rack Pack Reverse (Header on left)

I believe there were five different sheets of 132 cards. The first three have a single asterisk, and the last two have two asterisks. Cards from the two low number sheets are in the first cell (Cards 1-264), the middle cell has cards from 265 on with a single asterisk, and the furthest cell from the header only has cards with a double asterisk.

Star Card Placement

George Brett and Robin Yount are only in the header cell of legitimate 1975 Topps Rack Packs.  Both are cards numbered below 265 and have a single asterisk.

1975 Topps George Brett – Single * on Reverse
1975 Topps Robin Yount – Single * on Reverse

The third cell, furthest from the header, would have the Rice, Carter, and Ryan cards. Ryan, for example, is card 500 and has two asterisks on the back.

1975 Topps Nolan Ryan – Double ** on Reverse


If you suspect a product is fake, it probably is. There is too much fraud not to following the asterisk sequencing rule. I don’t live in absolutes, but I won’t buy a pack that doesn’t match known sequencing. I’d encourage everyone to play the odds. There is a 1% chance that there are some racks that didn’t follow the */** before re-sealers entered the market, but I don’t see how that can be proven anymore. Remember, never get cheated.

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