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1974 Topps Rack Promotion Packs

1974 Topps, regular edition rack packs, the ones with the blue header, are some of the most popular and tougher to find in the hobby. Topps only used the blue header in 1974, and they came twenty-four racks per box with 42 cards each. The pack below sold for $1676 in September 2020.

1974 Topps Rack Pack

However, in 1974 Topps partnered with a few teams on a promotion on rack packs with a special team header card. Those teams were the Detroit Tigers, Baltimore Orioles, and Oakland Athletics. However, I have been unable to find an example of a 1974 Topps A’s Rack header despite write-ups to their existence across the internet.

The promotional rack packs are legitimate, are 42-card packs, and follow the standard Topps collation. Cards from the one * sheet are in the header section, cards from one * or two ** sheets in the middle sections, and cards from two ** sheets in the far section. Additionally, they inserted traded cards in the middle and far sections. 

The Detroit Tigers packs have a Pepsi-Cola Detroit Tiger Fan Club card as the header.

1974 Topps Rack Packs – Detroit Tigers Promotion Front
1974 Topps Rack Packs – Detroit Tigers Promotion Reverse

The front of the Orioles headers feature the team’s logo, and the reverse shows future promotions.

1974 Topps Rack Pack – Baltimore Orioles Promotion Front
1974 Topps Rack Pack – Baltimore Orioles Promotion Reverse

Overall, the blue Topps header variants carry a premium to the team editions.

Have you seen an Oakland A’s Header Card in a 1974 Topps Rack Pack? I’d love to see a copy; let me know if you have one down in the comments or over on Twitter.

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