1974 Nabisco Sugar Daddy Pro Faces Set and Checklist

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Year: 1974

Title: Sugar Daddy Pro Faces

Size: 1 1/16″ by 2 3/4″

Number in Set: 25


These unique oddball cards were tiny in size for packaging purposes; they couldn’t be wider than the Nabisco Sugar Daddy (and, I believe, Sugar Moma) candy they were packaged with.

The set is one of the few true multi-sport sets of the era, with cards 1-10 being football players, 11-16 and 22 being hockey players, and cards 17-21 and 23-25 being basketball players.

People call the set the “Pro Faces” (besides the fact that PRO FACES is printed on the back) set since the front of each card has an enlarged head photo of the player on a smaller caricature-like body, similar to the 1938 Goudey Heads-Up set.

1974 Nabisco Sugar Daddy Pro Faces Lot – Fronts

The back of each card has player information but was meant to be peeled and stuck on an 18” x 24” poster (I’m still looking for a 1974 Sugar Daddy Poster, I’ve only seen the three 1975 All-Star Posters) that was available through a mail-in offer mentioned on the back of the card. Nabisco produced the cards in two printings. The first has a 1973 copyright, and the second does not, though they were likely all released in 1974.

1974 Nabisco Sugar Daddy Pro Faces Lot – Backs


1974 Nabisco Sugar Daddy #11 Phil Esposito – Front
1974 Nabisco Sugar Daddy #11 Phil Esposito – Reverse

Key Cards

Chet Walker is tough to find in good condition, but the key cards are Staubach, Lilly, Esposito, and Abdul-Jabbar.


1 Roger Staubach

2 Floyd Little

3 Steve Owens

4 Roman Gabriel

5 Bobby Douglass

6 John Gilliam

7 Bob Lilly

8 John Brockington

9 Jim Plunkett

10 Greg Landry

11 Phil Esposito

12 Dennis Hull

13 Reg Fleming

14 Garry Unger

15 Derek Sanderson

16 Jerry Korab

17 Oscar Robertson

18 Spencer Haywood

19 Jo Jo White

20 Connie Hawkins

21 Nate Thurmond

22 Mickey Redmond

23 Chet Walker

24 Calvin Murphy

25 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar