1972 Comspec Basketball Card Set and Checklist

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Year: 1972

Title: Comspec

Size: 2-1/4” by 3-1/2”

Number in Set: 36


The 1972 Comspec set had a very limited regional distribution, so very few of the cards come to market these days. The 36 card set used the same photos as that year’s Topps set, and the manufacturer printed the cards on very thin card stock.

The card’s fronts show the player’s photo against a colored background with a white border. Under the picture is the player’s team, centered in bold text, and under that, in smaller text, is the player’s name and position.

The backs are unnumbered with black text on a white background. The back’s are typical with the player’s name, position, biographical information, and statistics. When space allowed, the backs also included “A Product of Comspec, Inc.” the company’s address in Long Beach, California, and a Patent Pending line along with a 1973 NPBA copyright.


1972 Comspec Wilt Chamberlain – Front
1972 Comspec Wilt Chamberlain – Reverse
1972 Comspec Evlin Hayes – Front
1972 Comspec Evlin Hayes – Reverse with Product of Comspec, Inc.

Key Cards

The usual superstars of the era are key to this set, including Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain, John Havlicek, Pete Maravich, Oscar Robertson, and Jerry West.


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Rick Adelman

Nate Archibald

Rick Barry

Walt Bellamy

Dave Bing

Austin Carr

Wilt Chamberlain

Dave Cowens

Walt Frazier

Gail Goodrich

John Havlicek

Connie Hawkins

Elvin Hayes

Spencer Haywood

John Hummer

Don Kojis

Bob Lanier

Kevin Loughery

Jerry Lucas

Pete Maravich

Jack Marin

Calvin Murphy

Geoff Petrie

Willis Reed

Oscar Robertson

Cazzie Russell

Elmore Smith

Dick Snyder

Wes Unseld

Dick Van Arsdale

Tom Van Arsdale

Norm Van Lier

Chet Walker

Jerry West

Lenny Wilkens