1971 Mattel Instant Replay Discs Basketball Set and Checklist

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Year: 1971

Title: Mattel Instant Replay

Size: 2-3/8″ Diameter Discs

Number in Set: 9


There is a lot of overlapping and confusing information in the hobby about the 1971 Mattel Instant Replay set. Also, some references write they may have been a 1970 release and there are also a lot of questions about the double-sided discs. So if you have any corrections or better information about this set, please reach out to me.

In the early 1970s, Mattel released the pictured red and blue handheld record players that played snippets of sports moments recorded on small discs. Each box included a few discs that pictured sports superstars, so the discs have become a popular collectible.

1971 Mattel Instant Replay Red Player Box
1971 Mattel Instant Replay Blue Player Box

If you wanted to finish the basketball sets of discs, one way was to buy a four-disc blister pack.

1971 Mattel Instant Replay Basksetball Blister Pak – Example 1
1971 Mattel Instant Replay Basksetball Blister Pak – Example 2

Blisters for the other sports were available too (football, baseball, and hockey).

1971 Mattel Instant Replay Blister 4-Paks

Here is an example of a basketball blister pak case/box.

1971 Mattel Instant Replay Blister Box

Collectors could also pruchase 8-disc portfolios that came with a booklet.

1971 Mattel Instand Replay Basketball Portfolio – Open
1971 Mattel Instand Replay Basketball Portfolio – Closed

Each unnumbered disc was black and had a paper sticker applied to the front with the player’s depiction, name, and team. The recorded side also has the player’s name and set’s title stamped on it.

A second issue was made, too, with two-sided discs. Beckett describes them as ivory and writes that some collectors refer to them as “Mattle Show ‘N Tell” discs.

Mattel Instant Replay Record Player with Double-Sided Records


1971 Mattel Discs Jerry West – Front
1971 Mattel Discs Jerry West – Reverse

Key Cards

The Lew Alcindor disc is the priciest due to its unique distribution in record player boxes only and not in the blister paks. Also, note that PSA is no longer grading these, but 171 discs exist in their registry; here is an Alcindor example.

1971 Mattel Instant Replay Lew Alcindor


Elgin Baylor

Wilt Chamberlain

Jerry Lucas

Pete Maravich

John Havlicek

Willis Reed

Oscar Robertson

Jerry West

Lew Alcindor