1970 Chicago Bulls Hawthorne Milk Basketball Card Set and Checklist

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Year: 1970

Title: Bulls Hawthorne Milk

Size: 3-1/4’’ x 3-3/8″

Number in Set: 6


These six Chicago Bulls cards were issued on the side of Hawthorne Milk cartons and were intended to be cut out and are one of the toughest Chicago Bulls team sets to track down.

Each player’s photo is showcased inside a circle, with the player’s facsimile autograph beneath it. The cards are unnumbered and, as carton cut-outs, blank-backed. Each card is bordered in red.

The cards are described as featuring blue-toned photos, but the only Chet Walker card I have seen is more black-and-white. The checklist I have presented below describes two Jerry Sloan cards, one with a red tint and the other blue/gray, but I’ve only seen the more black-and-white (it may be red-toned in person) copy pictured below. But again, these cards are scarce, and an online search yields very few copies.

A larger Bob Weiss card exists and is 4-11/16” x 2-7/8”.

Goldin Auctions sold the pictured collection of six cards for $360 in their Winter 2020 auction, only missing the Jerry Sloan blue/gray variant.

1970 Chicago Bulls Hawthorne Milk Lot


1970 Chicago Bulls Hawthorne Milk Bob Love

Key Cards

Bob Love is the set’s key card.


Bob Love

Jerry Sloan (Photo in blue/gray with red border)

Jerry Sloan (Photo in red tint with red border)

Chet Walker

Bob Weiss (Regular size)

Bob Weiss (Large size)