1969 Converse Staff Basketball Card Set and Checklist

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Year: 1969

Title: Converse Staff

Size: 2 1/4″ by 2 3/4″

Number in Set: Beckett and TCDB both say 10, but they both list Bob Boyd twice, and the shoebox that’s shown below shows 9 different cards.


Converse (now a subsidiary of Nike) printed these nine cards on boxes of their Staff shoe. The front of each card uses blue ink on a white background and features a drawn portrait, a short bio, and a basketball tip. The backs are blank and unnumbered.

Huggins and Scott Auctions sold the shoebox pictured below (which included size 5.5 shoes) sold for $375 in 2016.

1969 Converse Basketball Shoe Box – Angle 1
1969 Converse Basketball Shoe Box – Angle 2


1969 Converse Staff Bob Davies – Front
1969 Converse Staff Bob Davies – Reverse

Key Cards

Most families didn’t save these shoeboxes, so most were thrown out, making the cards pretty rare. However, all nine cards are present when a box appears, so no single card appears scarcer than any other.


Bob Boyd

Bob Davies

Joe Dean

Gib Ford

Bob Houbregs

Rod Hundley

Bunny Levitt

John Norlander

Phil Rollins