1963 Sugardale Wieners Baseball Card Set and Checklist

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Year: 1963

Title: Sugardale Wieners

Size: 3-3/4″ by 5-1/8″

Number in Set: 31


A follow-on to their 22-card 1962 release, Sugardale grew their regionally-released 1963 set of baseball cards to 31. This year, they included 28 Cleveland Indians players and 5 Pittsburgh Pirates players.

The black-and-white 1963 Sugardale Wieners cards are almost identical to the 1962 release, with the only significant difference being that the player biographies mention the 1962 season.

Robert Edward Auctions sold a complete set of 31 cards, five proof cards (squared corners), and a pair of Sugardale napkins for $7200 in their 2018 fall auction.

1962 Sugardale Wieners Lot
1963 Sugardale Wieners John Romano Proof Card
Sugardale Napkins


1963 Sugardale Wieners #12 Woodie Held – Front
1963 Sugardale Wieners #12 Woodie Held – Reverse

Key Cards

Sugardale withdrew the Bob Skinner and Jim Perry cards from distribution after June trades, so they’re considered short prints and the toughest (and most expensive) cards to find in the set.


The Indians’ cards are numbered 1 to 33, with cards 6, 21, 22, 29, and 32 never being issued. Pirates cards are lettered A to E.

1 Barry Latman

2 Gary Bell

3 Dick Donovan

4 Joe Adcock

5 Jim Perry

7 John Romano

8 Mike de la Hoz

9 Tito Francona

10 Gene Green

11 Willie Kirkland

12 Woodie Held

13 Jerry Kindall

14 Max Alvis

15 Mel Harder

16 George Strickland

17 Elmer Valo

18 Birdie Tebbetts

19 Pedro Ramos

20 Al Luplow

23 Jim Grant

24 Vic Davalillo

25 Jerry Walker

26 Sam McDowell

27 Fred Whitfield

28 Jack Kralick

33 Bob Allen

A Don Cardwell

B Bob Skinner

C Don Schwall

D Jim Pagliaroni

E Dick Schofield