1963 Pepsi-Cola Colt .45s Baseball Card Set and Checklist

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Year: 1963

Title: Pepsi-Cola Colt .45s

Size: 2-3/8” by 9-1/8” Panels with a 2-3/8” by 2-3/4” card

Number in Set: 16


Pepsi distributed this 16-card set regionally in Texas in bottled 6-packs of Pepsi. The panel included the card and a promo for Pepsi and the Colt .45s.

The card fronts feature black-and-white posed action shots.

1963 Pepsi-Cola Colt .45s Lot of 3 – Fronts

The backs feature player statistics and career highlights.

1963 Pepsi-Cola Colt .45s Lot of 3 – Backs

Complete panels that include both top and bottom tabs are more desirable. But the set is pretty rare because Pepsi relied on their drivers to insert the cards into the cartons, and many decided to throw them out instead.

The cards are unnumbered.


1963 Pepsi-Cola Colt .45s John Bateman – Front
1963 Pepsi-Cola Colt .45s John Bateman – Reverse

Key Cards

The key cards are considered short prints; John Bateman and Carl Warwick. The Bateman card was thought never to have been distributed publicly and is one of the rarest 1960s baseball cards – I’ve read the Warwick was not either, but I’m less confident on that; it’s undoubtedly the second rarest in the set.


Bob Aspromonte

John Bateman

Bob Bruce

Jim Campbell

Dick Farrell

Ernie Fazio

Carroll Hardy

J.C. Hartman

Ken Johnson

Bob Lillis

Don McMahon

Pete Runnels

Al Spangler

Rusty Staub

Johnny Temple

Carl Warwick