1963 IDL Pittsburgh Steelers Football Card Set and Checklist

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Year: 1963

Title: IDL Pittsburgh Steelers

Size: 4″ by 5″

Number in Set: 26


A cooperative of independent drugstores issued the 1963 Independent Drugstores League (IDL) Pittsburgh Steelers set. The cards are unnumbered, blank-backed, and printed on a relatively thin, magazine cover-like paper. Collectors may be able to find some cards with a specific drugstore’s address stamped on the back.

The photos of many players look odd because the images are of cropped action shots only showing the faces and upper bodies of the player.

The cards display the IDL Drug Store logo on the bottom front-left corner of the card. The player’s name is centered on the bottom in capital black letters.


1963 IDL Pittsburgh Steelers Lou Cordileone

Key Cards

The cards are rare but rather inexpensive. John Henry Johnson and Ernie Stautner are considered the headliners.


Frank Atkinson

Jim Bradshaw

Ed Brown

John Burrell

Preston Carpenter

Lou Cordileone

Buddy Dial

Bob Ferguson

Glenn Glass

Dick Haley

Dick Hoak

John Henry Johnson

Brady Keys

Joe Krupa

Ray Lemek

Red Mack

Lou Michaels

Bill Nelsen

Buzz Nutter

Myron Pottios

John Reger

Mike Sandusky

Ernie Stautner

George Tarasovic

Clendon Thomas

Tom Tracy