1962 Sugardale Wieners Baseball Card Set and Checklist

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Year: 1962

Title: Sugardale Wieners

Size: 5-1/8″ by 3-3/4″

Number in Set: 22


The Sugardale company was founded in Canton, Ohio, over 100 years ago. In 1962, as a promotion, they developed this set of 22 cards featuring 18 Cleveland Indians and 4 Pittsburgh Pirates players. The black and white cards were regionally distributed in packs of hot dogs and have a catalog designation of F174-1.

Sugardale Provision Co.

Because of the packaging method (next to meat), the cards are very condition sensitive and often compared to Kahn’s Wieners sets. Sugardale even printed “This card may be wiped with a damp sponge.” on the front of the cards.

The oversized cards feature a small black-and-white player image on the front, along with quite a bit of biographical information and the Sugardale logo.

The backs are printed in red and share playing tips and another Sugardale logo.

Robert Edward Auctions sold the #2 graded set on the PSA Registry for $5400 in their 2021 Spring Auction.

9 Graded 1962 Sugardale Wieners Baseball Cards


1962 Sugardale Wieners “B” Robert Clemente – Front
1962 Sugardale Wieners “B” Robert Clemente – Reverse

Key Cards

Card 10, Bob Nieman, is considered a short print and the most scarce card in the set, but the Clemente is the most expensive.


The Indians’ cards are numbered 1 to 19, with card 6 never being issued. Pirates cards are lettered A to D.

1 Barry Latman

2 Gary Bell

3 Dick Donovan

4 Frank Funk

5 Jim Perry

7 John Romano

8 Ty Cline

9 Tito Francona

10 Bob Nieman

11 Willie Kirkland

12 Woodie Held

13 Jerry Kindall

14 Bubba Phillips

15 Mel Harder

16 Salty Parker

17 Ray Katt

18 Mel McGaha

19 Pedro Ramos

A Dick Groat

B Roberto Clemente

C Don Hoak

D Dick Stuart