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1962 Kahn’s Wieners Basketball Card Set and Checklist

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Year: 1962

Title: Kahn’s Wieners

Size: 3 1/4″ x 4 3/16″

Number in Set: 11


This year, the big difference from the previous Kahn’s basketball sets (1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, and 1961) is that two cards, Bob Boozer and Arlen Bockhorn, are horizontal.

Otherwise, the cards still feature black-and-white photos of the Cincinnati Royals, their coach, and Jerry West. Again, Kahn’s slogan and a facsimile autograph are printed on the front.

Unlike the 61s, this year, a short biography is included on the back of the card.


1962 Kahn’s Wieners Jack Twyman – Front
1962 Kahn’s Wieners Jack Twyman – Reverse

Key Cards

Once again, you’ll have to pay up for the key cards in this set; Oscar Robertson and Jerry West.


Arien Bockhorn

Bob Boozer

Wayne Embry

Tom Hawkins

Bud Olsen

Hub Reed

Oscar Robertson

Adrian Smith

Jack Twyman

Jerry West

Charley Wolf