1961 Union Oil Hawaii Chiefs Basketball Card Set and Checklist

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Year: 1961

Title: Union Oil Hawaii Chiefs

Size: 3″ by 3 15/16″

Number in Set: 10


The brown-tinted, 10-card oversized set features the Hawaii Chiefs American Basketball League team players. The backs use blue ink on a white background. They feature the team name, followed by the player’s name and position, a short player biography, an advertisement to listen to games on KGU radio, and the Union Oil circle 76 logo and Union Oil Company text along the bottom. The cards are unnumbered.

These cards are a little pricier than other oddball basketball sets from this era; the complete set pictured below has been listed on eBay for $589. A lot of 7 different PSA graded cards sold back in 2014 for $230.

1961 Union Oil Hawaii Chiefs Complete Set – Fronts
1961 Union Oil Hawaii Chiefs Complete Set – Backs


1961 Union Oil Hawaii Chiefs Lee Harman – Front
1961 Union Oil Hawaii Chiefs Lee Harman – Reverse

Key Cards

The cards are pretty scarce but appear equally distributed without any player carrying a premium.

PSA has graded a total of 131 cards from this set. With Dave Mills having the fewest with 9. The players with the most graded examples are George Price and Lowery Kirk, with 17. The majority of cards are in the 5/6/7 range.


Frank Burgess

Jeff Cohen

Lee Harman

Rich Herrscher

Lowery Kirk

Dave Mills

Max Perry

George Price

Fred Sawyer

Dale Wise