1961 Kahn’s Wieners Football Card Set and Checklist

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Year: 1961

Title: Kahn’s Wieners

Size: 3 1/4″ x 4 1/16″

Number in Set: 36


1961 saw significant changes in Kahn’s football card series from the previous two releases in 1959 and 1960. First, in addition to Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers players, they included players from the Baltimore Colts, Los Angeles Rams, and Philadelphia Eagles (but those four cards were of players who were Browns or Steelers the year before). Kahn’s also made the card a little bit larger. And while the backs are similar, the offer for the booklet was a little different; in 1960, it required two labels, and this year fans needed only one. And while Kahn’s included players from more teams, they dropped the set size down to 36 from 38 the previous year.

The fronts of the cards are just like previous editions featuring a black-and-white player photo, facsimile autograph, and Kahn’s slogan along the bottom. Again, Kahn’s didn’t number the cards.

One uncorrected error in the 1961 Kahn’s Wieners set is that the Larry Krutko card shows Tom Tracy, and Tom Tracy’s card’s photo is Larry Kurtko.

1961 Kahn’s Wieners Krutko and Tracy

PSA has graded 349 1961 Kahn’s wieners cards across the entire set, substantially more than the previous two seasons (SGC has graded 120); this time, the average grade from PSA is closer to a 6 or 7, a little lower than the previous years.

Memory Lane Inc sold a complete set, with a PSA 6 Jim Brown, for $1288 in the Spring of 2021.

1961 Kahn’s Wieners Complete Set (Photo of 31 of 26 cards) – Memory Lane Inc


1961 Kahn’s Wieners Jim Brown

Key Cards

The set’s key card again belongs to Jim Brown.


Sam Baker

Jim Brown

Preston Carpenter

Vince Costello

Buddy Dial

Dean Derby

Don Fleming

Bob Gain

Bobby Joe Green

Gene Hickerson

Jim Houston

Dan James

John Henry Johnson

Rich Kreitling

Joe Krupa

Larry Krutko

Bobby Layne

Joe Lewis

Gene Lipscomb

Mike McCormack

Bobby Mitchell

John Morrow

John Nisby

Jimmy Orr

Milt Plum

John Reger

Ray Renfro

Will Renfro

Mike Sandusky

Dick Schafrath

Jim Ray Smith

Ernie Stautner

George Tarasovic

Tom Tracy

Frank Varrichione

John Wooten