1960 Mayrose Cardinals Football Card Set and Checklist

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Year: 1960

Title: Mayrose St. Louis Cardinals

Size: ~2 1/2″ by 3 1/2″

Number in Set: 11


Mayrose released their 1960 Cardinals football card set around St. Louis (the year the team moved from Chicago) in hot dog and bacon packages around the September time frame.

The fact that the cards have rounded corners and are plastic coated (to withstand being inserted in packages of meat) means they’re a little easier to find in nice condition.

The fronts feature a black and white photo of the player against a bright red background, card number, Cardinals logo, player name and position, and some basic player information. The back of the card has a description of the Big Mayrose Football Contest, where fans and collectors could win game tickets or a Rawlings football by mailing in a complete set of 11 cards (the contest card said the cards would be returned).


1960 Mayrose Cardinals #2 Frank Fuller – Front
1960 Mayrose Cardinals #2 Frank Fuller – Reverse
1960 Mayrose Cardinals Complete Set – Fronts
1960 Mayrose Cardinals Complete Set – Backs

Key Cards

PSA has graded over 500 Mayrose Cardinals cards with a reasonably consistent grading distribution of PSA 8s and 9s amongst all the players. In high-grade (PSA 10), the toughest to find are Bobby Joe Conrad and Ken Panfil, with only 1 Gem Mint in the Pop Report for each player.


1 Don Gillis

2 Frank Fuller

3 George Izo

4 Woodley Lewis

5 King Hill

6 John David Crow

7 Bill Stacy

8 Ted Bates

9 Mike McGee

10 Bobby Joe Conrad

11 Ken Panfil