1960 Kahn’s Wieners Football Card Set and Checklist

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Year: 1960

Title: Kahn’s Wieners

Size: 3 1/4″ x 3 5/16″

Number in Set: 38


Kahn’s grew their 1960 football set to 38 cards from 31 in their inaugural set in 1959, but the cards remained unnumbered. Once again, though, they only featured players from the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers (sort of). You see, Willie Davis is included despite being traded from the Browns to the Packers in July of 1960. Rather than removing him from the set during development, Kahn’s just changed the team on the back of the card.

Once again, the fronts of the cards feature black-and-white player photos, a facsimile autograph, and Kahn’s slogan along the bottom.

The backs have basic player biographical information, just like the 1959 set, but this year Kahn’s included an offer for collectors to send in for a free Professional Photo Album and Instruction Booklet. All it took was two labels from Kahn’s All Meat Wieners.

1960 Kahn’s Football Album and Instruction Book – Front Cover
1960 Kahn’s Football Album and Instruction Book – Inside Front Cover and First Page
1960 Kahn’s Football Album and Instruction Book – Back Cover
1960 Kahn’s Wieners Jim Brown – Reverse With Album Offer

Another fascinating collecting companion to the 1960 Kahn’s Wieners set is a presentation catalog used by Kahn’s representatives in the field. It’s seven pages and outlines Kahn’s products and the football card promotion, slotted to begin on October 3, 1960. This version has been listed for sale for $3500 recently and includes five of the 1960 cards adhered to a few of the pages (Jim Brown, John Morrow, John Reger, Walt Michaels, and Junior Wren).

1960 Kahn’s Wieners Sales Presentation Catalog – Front Cover
1960 Kahn’s Wieners Sales Presentation Catalog – Inner Pages
1960 Kahn’s Wieners Sales Presentation Catalog – Inner Pages
1960 Kahn’s Wieners Sales Presentation Catalog – Back Cover

PSA has only graded 146 cards across the entire set (SGC has graded just six); most are in the 7/8 range.


1960 Kahn’s Wieners Bobby Lane

Key Cards

Jim Brown was once again the set’s key card. But Willie Davis, Lou Groza, John Henry Johnson, and Bobby Layne also have important cards in the set.


Sam Baker

Jim Brown

Ray Campbell

Preston Carpenter

Vince Costello

Willie Davis

Galen Fiss

Bob Gain

Lou Groza

Gene Hickerson

John Henry Johnson

Rich Kreitling

Joe Krupa

Bobby Layne

Jack McClairen

Mike McCormack

Walt Michaels

Bobby Mitchell

Dick Moegle

John Morrow

Gern Nagler

John Nisby

Jimmy Orr

Bernie Parrish

Milt Plum

John Reger

Ray Renfro

Will Renfro

Mike Sandusky

Dick Schafrath

Billy Ray Smith

Jim Ray Smith

Ernie Stautner

George Tarasovic

Tom Tracy

Frank Varrichione

John Wooten

Junior Wren