1960 7-Eleven Dallas Texans Football Card Set and Checklist

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Year: 1960

Title: 7-Eleven Dallas Texans

Size: 2 1/2″ by 3 1/2″

Number in Set: 10


This set was a regional issue from 7-Eleven stores in Dallas, Texas, in 1960. The cards have a fantastic vintage feel with a sepia-toned, borderless player photo on the front and biographical information on the back in a very unique typewriter-feel font. Below the photo, the player’s name, position, and school are in small print on the front. 8/10 cards have the team on the side of the front of the card, going from bottom to top. Ray Collins is missing the team name, and Cotton Davidson has the team name printed along the top.


1960 7-Eleven Dallas Texans Signed Trio – Fronts
1960 7-Eleven Dallas Texans Signed Trio – Backs

Key Cards

This is an incredibly scarce issue. PSA has graded 66 cards across the entire set, with Johnny Robinson having the fewest with 3. Ungraded cards sell for hundreds of dollars.


Max Boydston

Mel Branch

Chris Burford

Ray Collins

Cotton Davidson

Abner Haynes

Sherrill Headrick

Bill Krisher

Johnny Robinson

Jack Spikes