1957 Kahn’s Wieners Basketball Card Set and Checklist

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Year: 1957

Title: Kahn’s Wieners

Size: 3 3/16″ x 3 15/16″

Number in Set: 11


Kahns inserted the basketball cards in their hot dog packages for the first time in 1957. The company was established in Cincinnati and is still headquartered there (Tyson Foods is their parent company), so it follows that all 11 cards are of Cincinnati Royals players.

Each card features a black and white photo on the front, with a facsimile autograph and Kahn’s slogan along the bottom. The backs feature a basketball “How to” tip and are unnumbered.


1957 Kahn’s Wieners Robert Wanzer – Front
1957 Kahn’s Wieners Robert Wanzer – Reverse

Key Cards

PSA has graded 141 cards from this set, with Jack Twyman having the most graded examples with 28 and Tom Marshall the fewest with only 5. That said, catalogs often list Maurice Stokes as the most expensive card in the set.


Richard Duckett

George King

Clyde Lovellette

Tom Marshall

James Paxson

Dave Piontek

Richard Regan

Richard Ricketts

Maurice Stokes

Jack Twyman

Robert Wanzer