1953-54 Briggs Meats Baseball Card Set and Checklist

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Year: 1953-54

Title: Briggs Meats

Size: 2-1/4″ x 3-1/2″

Number in Set: 40


The 1953-54 Briggs Meats cards are an incredibly expensive Washington, D.C. area regional oddball set. The cards came as two-card waxed-cardboard panels that were cut from a hot dog package.

1953-54 Briggs Meats Panel With Mickey Mantle and Hank Bauer

The 40-card set has 28 players from the Washington Senators and 12 players from the three New York teams of the day (Brooklyn Dodgers, New York Giants, and New York Yankees).

A “properly” cut card won’t show any of the bright red borders.

The cards show a posed photograph with a white strip under the image that has the player’s facsimile autograph and printed name. The Washington Senators cards have a bit more biographical data.

The cards are blank-backed and unnumbered.


1953-54 Briggs Meats Willie Mays – Front
1953-54 Briggs Meats Willie Mays – Reverse

Key Cards

The tougher short-printed cards are Gil Coan, John Dixon, and Newton Grasso and the highest priced cards include Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays.


Hank Bauer

James Busby

Tommy Byrne

Gilbert Coan

John Dixon

Carl Erskine

Edward Fitzgerald

Newton Grasso

Mel Hoderlein

Gil Hodges

Monte Irvin

Jack Jensen

Whitey Lockman

Mickey Mantle

Conrado Marrero

Walter Masterson

Carmen Mauro

Willie Mays

Mickey McDermott

Gil McDougald

Julio Moreno

Don Mueller

Don Newcombe

Robert Oldis

Edwin Porterfield

Phil Rizzuto

James Runnels

John Schmitz

Angel Scull

Frank Shea

Albert Sima

Duke Snider

Charles Stobbs

Willard Terwilliger

Joe Tipton

Thomas Umphlett

Gene Verble

James Vernon

Clyde Vollmer

Edward Yost