1952 Num Num Potato Chips Cleveland Indians Baseball Card Set and Checklist

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Year: 1952

Title: Num Num Potato Chips Cleveland Indians

Size: 3 1/2″ by 5 1/2″, including the tab

Number in Set: 20


The 1952 Num Num Cleveland Indians cards were distributed in packages of Num Num potato chips, pretzels, and snacks.

The cards feature black and white images of the Cleveland Indians, with a 1-inch tab along the bottom, which collectors could redeem for an autographed baseball. Unfortunately, the Indians or Num Num gamed the offer since the Bob Kennedy card was intentionally short-printed to avoid giving away too many prizes. The short-printing makes the Kennedy a particularly valuable card. In 2016, Robert Edward Auctions had written that no graded Kennedy cards with a tab existed. However, the PSA Pop Report now shows one (anyone lucky enough to find a tabbed Kennedy likely cut it off to redeem the prize).

The backs of the cards also have the card number on them (since the number on the front is on the tab, which was likely cut off), basic payer vitals, a biography, and some 1951 season highlights. The back of the tab has redemption details.

There was a team-issued version of the set without the tabs.


1952 Num Num Bob Feller – Front
1952 Num Num Bob Feller – Reverse

Key Cards

The set’s big star is Bob Feller, but Bob Kennedy’s card is the key to completing the set.

Cards with tabs are more desirable and expensive than cards without tabs.


1 Lou Brissie

2 Jim Hegan

3 Birdie Tebbetts

4 Bob Lemon

5 Bob Feller

6 Early Wynn

7 Mike Garcia

8 Steve Gromek

9 Bob Chakales

10 Al Rosen

11 Dick Rozek

12 Luke Easter

13 Ray Boone

14 Bob Avila

15 Dale Mitchell

16 Bob Kennedy

17 Harry Simpson

18 Larry Doby

19 Sam Jones

20 Al Lopez