1952 Dixie Lids Baseball Set and Checklist

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Year: 1952

Title: Dixie Lids

Size: 2-11/16″ in diameter

Number in Set: 24


After a 14-year hiatus, the hobby had a new Dixie Lid set to collect in 1952. However, many collectors believe that the contractual issues the company had with specific players halted the release so long that the next season’s lids were ready to be issued. So some collectors think the 1952 set was abandoned and never publically released. The fact that some examples don’t have tabs has made some believe there was a manufacturing flaw, and packers couldn’t use them. But a few examples exist in a variety of conditions, including some with what appears to be ice-cream staining. So your guess is as good as mine when it comes to the release of this scarce ice-cream lid set.

I’ve also read in a few older price guides that collectors could find these unnumbered lids in three sizes, with the 2-11/16” diameter ones being the most common. But, other publications have refuted that, and some have said that only the 1954 Dixie Lids set had three different sizes.

From an appearance perspective, the 1952 Dixie Lids stand out from other years since they are found with a blue (cyan) tint and tabs at the 5 o’clock position. Examples with tabs sell for a premium, but good luck finding many; PSA has only graded 57 in total. The circular picture is squared off near the bottom, where the player’s name appears. Beneath the player’s name is their team.

The front also told folks to “save any 12 Dixie Picture lids for a large picture of me.” And to “see your dealer for instructions.” This deal was for what is now referred to as 1952 Dixie Lid Premiums, which are also incredibly scarce.

The backs all have advertisements for local/regional dairies that packed the lids on ice cream products. A collector on the Net54 Forums shared the following list of lid variations for the 1952 set:

  • Hood Hoodsie – Portland, ME (red)
  • Nelson’s Cloverland Ice Cream – Easton, PA (red)
  • Borden’s – Huntington, WV (pink & blue)
  • Superior Dairies – Austin, TX (blue)
  • Velvet Ice Cream – Utica, OH (pink)
  • Abbotts Dairies – Philadelphia, PA (red)

You can also see an example below from Sealtest in Chicago, IL (red). The Velvet Ice Cream brand backs seem to be the most prevalent.


These three lids shared below highlighted a near set of PSA-graded 1952 Dixie Lids (23/24) that Robert Edward Auctions sold in their 2019 Summer Catalog. The lot sold for $10,800, and it only missed the Connie Ryan for completion.

1952 Dixie Lid Group of 3 With Tabs – Fronts
1952 Dixie Lid Group of 3 With Tabs – Backs

Key Lids

This is a pricey set; even in some catalogs I have from 1986, a mint set was valued at almost $2k. The most expensive at that time, and still today, is Bob Feller.


Richie Ashburn

Tommy Byrne

Chico Carrasquel

Pete Castiglione

Walker Cooper

Billy Cox

Ferris Fain

Bob Feller

Nelson Fox

Monte Irvin

Ralph Kiner

Cass Michaels

Don Mueller

Mel Parnell

Allie Reynolds

Preacher Roe

Connie Ryan

Hank Sauer

Red Schoendienst

Andy Seminick

Bobby Shantz

Enos Slaughter

Virgil Trucks

Gene Woodling