1947 Remar Bread Oakland Oaks Baseball Card Set and Checklist

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Year: 1947

Title: Remar Bread Oakland Oaks

Size: 2″ by 3″

Number in Set: 25


This 1947 oddball was printed on very thin card stock and is made up of 25 black and white cards of the Oakland Oaks of the Pacific Coast League.

The cards feature posed photographs on the front, with the player’s name, the Oaks team name followed by the player’s position, and the card number on the bottom right corner. The backs have blue text and have player biographies and an advertisement for the Oakland Oaks radio station. The backs also include a blue loaf of Remar Bread.


1947 Remar Bread #8 Casey Stengel – Front
1947 Remar Bread #8 Casey Stengel – Reverse

Key Cards

Manager Casey Stengel is the only Hall of Famer in this Pacific Coast League set.


1 Billy Raimondi

2 Les Scarsella

3 Brooks Holder

4 Charlie Gassaway

5 Mickey Burnett

6 Ralph Buxton

7 Ed Kearse

8 Charles (Casey) Stengel

9 Bud Foster

10 Ambrose (Bo) Palica

11 Tom Hafey

12 Hershel Martin

13 Henry (Cotton) Pippen

14 Floyd Speer

15 Tony Sabol

16 Will Hafey

17 Ray Hamrick

18 Maurice Van Robays

19 Dario Lodigiani

20 Mel Duezabou

21 Damon Hayes

22 Gene Lillard

23 Aldon Wilkie

24 Dewey Soriano

25 Glen Crawford