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10 Things I Won’t Do in the Sports Card Market

There are so many great people and aspects of the sports card hobby. So many incredible people donate their time to educate others. You can find so many incredible collections online. Companies and hobbyists provide new and innovative ways to buy and sell cards almost every day. But some people do things that I’m not a fan of. So here is my list of ten things I’ve seen in the hobby market that I won’t do myself.

1. Bid on a card that says “Pack Fresh” in the title.

I’m not a fan of keyword spamming. Even if I need a card for a set, I just won’t bid on it if people call it “Pack Fresh.” It’s an attempt to capture more eyes on a card for people that are looking for unopened wax. I find it dishonest.

2. Ship a card in a plain white envelope (PWE) when I charge $3.50 for shipping.

First, I don’t ship a lot of “cheap” cards. But if you’re going to charge $3.50 for shipping, the card should be delivered in a bubble envelope with tracking. If you are shipping in a PWE, and that makes sense for a lot of lower value cards, charge fifty cents for an envelope and stamp, but be upfront about it.

3. Get in a Twitter fight.

What’s the point of getting in an argument on Twitter (or Social Media)? Both people end up looking ridiculous. Make your point, and then move on and enjoy the hobby.

4. Knock what anyone else likes to collect

Who am I to say what someone else should collect? It’s not up to me to judge or demean someone else’s collecting interests.

5. Bid on cards that say PSA and SGC in the title

Another example of keyword spamming. I list what the card is and move on. Just like “Pack Fresh,” I won’t bid on an SGC card if the person also put PSA in the title.

6. Buy a card, crack it, and try to regrade it.

The grading companies make mistakes, but I won’t be trying to create a business out of it.

7. Crack a graded wax pack and open it

Personal preference, Keep wax alive!

8. Make a Franken-Box

Some folks buy from a sealed case or other wax boxes, search for packs with graded stars showing, send those packs to be graded and replace those packs in the box with others and get it re-authenticated. Grading the packs is fine to me, but replacing packs to make another wax box seems disingenuous.

9. Cut an uncut sheet

Uncut sheets are beautiful! I have a few on the walls of my office at home and work. Cutting for grading seems dishonest to me. If you are cutting for art or decoration, that’s another story. But attempting to make graded singles from a sheet is misleading.

10. Spew negativity.

Everything in life is more accessible with a positive, polite, and pleasant attitude. Even this article slants to the negative, and it is hard for me to write in a happy tone, so I’ll try and end it on a positive one.

Life’s too short, and the hobby is too small to be saturated with negativity. That isn’t going to attract more kids or people to collect. Embrace other people, be honest, welcome new members to the hobby, and help them achieve their collecting goals.

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